Serenity Farmhouse Inn located in Wimberley, TX.

Spa Menu

Enhance your stay with the best massage you have ever had.


A Country Morning. A full body massage, hot steaming facial treatment with essence of lavender and rose followed by a fresh hydration facial mask. Approximately 70 minutes $95

(The farmhouse favorite) Blissful Interlude – Romantic couple’s massage. This massage includes 2 full body aromatherapy massages. Designed to enhance intimacy with specially selected oils and your choice of either our famous Farmhouse Japanese foot treatment or popular facial treatment with rich hydration facial mask. Approximately 80 minutes $205

Back Again – This treatment will surely create the desire for you to return again and again to our little country retreat. The focus of this massage is the back only … Layers of hot eucalyptus infused towels and warmed muscle relaxing oils, along with Swedish massage and pressure point work on tired back muscles will surely bring relief and relaxation. This treatment is followed by a refreshing sea salt back scrub because skin care is not limited to just the face. $90

Heaven’s Gate – This is a head and neck treatment – centerspersed with repeated applications of steamy hot towels and warmed pomegranate oil, this amazing treatment begins with shoulders, moves to neck and back then scalp and finishes with hypnotic light pressure point work on the face. 70 minutes. $85

Gentlemen’s Retreat – One-and-a-half hour massage including hot steaming herbal towels and Japanese foot treatment. $135

Massages are not available for Monday-Tuesday stays.



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